Adaptive Automation
Increasingly the necessity of automating loan data-entry, onboarding and servicing is widely recognized and is no longer regarded as a luxury. Unfortunately, a less well regarded is the reality that automation alone is not sufficient. Realistic application scenarios involve managing the constantly shifting boundary between activities that are automated and the activities that are left to carry out manually. With the tasks at the lower end of complexity spectrum getting evermore automated, what remains to be executed manually, as a consequence, tend to be complicated; needing constant attention and diligence, requiring sharp analytical eye, and ever-present investigative hunches to accomplish manually at requisite quality and speed. Catching or avoiding costly mistakes not only save time and improve your bottom line, perhaps more importantly, it greatly protects the credibility and reputation of your lending platform. Now more than ever, there is need for harmony between automated and manual execution of activities. This requires that users are armed with proper tools to do their jobs effectively and have loans serviced friction free through the system and at optimum quality. Out of the box SDK approaches go a long way towards this goal, however, leveraging SDK effectively places a premium on technical skills, experience, and the knowhow that are needed before any benefits are realized. LSX BRIDGE unlocks the power of your lending platform to attain Quality Data Entry, make Loan Servicing Tasks conform to your processes, and respond to your internal and external regulatory and monitoring requirements.
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